Of Wolves and Dogs - From The Big Bang to Chihuahuas

Internationally renowned veterinarian Dr. Charles Berger offers informative and dynamically presented seminars on how to better understand the dogs in your life.

Previously available exclusively to Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, his seminars are now offered to the public.

Charlie Berger

His topics include:

  • The rise of life on Earth, the evolution of mammals, including a detailed discussion of wolves and other canids
  • Understanding the modern domestic dog given its wolf heritage
  • The natural history, mythology and behavior of wolves
  • A dog's place in nature: domestication and the human-animal bond
  • Working dogs: including long-distance racing sled dogs, search and rescue and police dogs, cancer sniffing dogs
  • Anatomy and physiology of dogs and their common diseases, zoonoses
  • Aggression, dog bites, breed selection, and interesting statistics about the dog industry