Of Wolves and Dogs - From The Big Bang to Chihuahuas

Evening Lecture

Two Wolves

Snarling Wolves

Two-Hour Presentation

This lecture covers, as an overview, the Big Bang, the rise of life on Earth, the major extinctions, the rise of mammals, and the appearance of the wolf which, with domestication, gave rise to our many breeds of dogs. Emphasis will be on the dog's place in nature and his association with humans. With an emphasis on evolution, I will place the canids within the rise of mammals after the last great extinction.

Seminar and Presentation Format

The format will be primarily lecture plus lively discussions, including time for questions and answers. For the one and two-day seminars, my presentation provides morning and afternoon breaks. Also, I am willing to participate in a "working" lunch during which there can be an informal Q & A session.

Both the seminars and the two-hour presentation can be tailored to suit your audience's background and interests.